Tree Stump Removal Services In Canterbury

Felling large trees is actually the easy part of the process. The difficult work truly starts with removing the stump, which is an extremely labour intensive. Powerful specialist equipment must be used to carefully remove the stump and the remains that are still in the ground.

The arborists on our team are very efficient at removing stumps, which can be a tripping hazard for anyone passing by them, whether it is a garden of public access or place of work. You can take full advantage of our services across the Folkestone region. Simply call us and we will send one of our team members out to you to conduct a site inspection.

Our costs are affected by a couple of factors when we are working to remove stumps. The depth, size and surroundings of the stump can all effect how fast we are able to work.

Stump Removal Tools

For some of the larger equipment that we use to grind very large stumps we do need good access. You can arrange pricing via our website or through calling us. Based on the information that you give us we might be able to provide you with an estimate over the phone. However, we will need to confirm it upon arrival.​ To find out more about our tree surgery company based in Canterbury, give us a call on 01227 207216.

How Our Removal Service Works

There are a number of different methods that are available to choose from to remove stumps efficiently Depending on the size and structure of the stump, as well as the access to it, we will make a choice based on the equipment we need to use to do the job. Sometimes we can use hand tools to do our work, but usually specialist grinding equipment is required. The stump grinder is the largest bit in our kit. It does a great job removing the stump. It is among the most commonly used of our services and our staff is very efficient in the work they do.

In order to work efficiently, you must be experienced as well as have the proper equipment and tools, which we provide to all of our tree surgeons. Using the most recent tree surgery technology, our working processes have developed into a well-oiled machine to produce fast results. Spending less time means that we have lower labour costs which means we can provide our customers with better pricing. During the removal process we make sure to minimise ground disturbance to the environment in the location surrounding the stump.

​After we have removed the stump we aim to encourage new growth within the area. The way we achieve this is through completely removing all of the roots to sufficient depth to ensure that new foliage is able to grow without being disturbed. If you have any special requests in terms of how you would like us to leave your site, please let us know before the work starts so that we can work to your specific requirements.

Our chipper makes chippings from the wood taken from the ground. You can use the chippings or we can remove the waste that is created if you wish. Customer satisfaction is our priority so we won’t leave your site until you are completely happy!