Tree Removal Services In Canterbury

We specialise in the removal of trees of any size, or shape and we will get to work according to your requirements regardless of access. Removal of trees can be a necessary act due to various reasons one of the most common being to allow more light into a property be it an office, house, or industrial unit. We offer this service all through Folkestone and are expanding to the remainder of the Shepway district. It is one of our most requested service and we are quite proud of the system that we have created to provide it.

We have built our team on the base of extensive experience passed through our ranks and teaching safe and efficient methods of removing trees over time. In addition to the manpower we usually require use of specialised equipment to remove and dissect your tree that we stock for such situations. We have invested heavily into the equipment we use since safety is paramount to our workforce. Trees come in all kinds of sizes and shapes and so do the requests to remove them. We have handled trees in upwards of 10 meters all the way to trees situated just in the way in a back garden. Considering the urban environment that Folkestone is built, we have to work in confined spaces in many cases when performing our duty of removing trees.​

Tree Removal Services

Since you our client helps our business run, we ensure that we provide customer service of the highest possible quality. Our arborists are well-informed on the task they need to do, friendly, and polite. Prior to leaving a job site we ensure that we clean up and dispose of any waste and ensure that you are happy with the service we provide. So if you're looking for a tree surgeon in Canterbury, jump back to the homepage and get in touch!

Tree Removal and Associated Costs

The prices of our services can vary widely depending on the job. We base our pricing on various factors including equipment required, manpower, time, and waste disposal. Price estimates are provided after a site visit where we can assess the requirements of your removal accurately.

Our team always plans a safe course of action for removing your tree before the work begins. The tree removal method will vary depending on the time and space allotted for a particular job. Our methods are known as straight felling & section felling. Read on to learn about what both of them entail.

Section Felling

Timber. A term used commonly for a tree falling in a single smooth movement. Often, this is not usually possible especially in urban environments due to restrictions on space, risk of damaging property, and health and safety risk. We thus have had to adapt our removal techniques and we fell a tree in sections in such situations.

We dismantle the tree into multiple smaller but more manageable sections using lowering ropes. Step cut is used to create the sections, breaking off the branches then using a lowering method we refer to as controlled throw using the lowering ropes. Using the ropes we are sure that sections of the tree are always under our control throughout the process of removal.

Many stories abound of such methods causing unnecessary damage when removing bigger trees. Our team has never encountered such an incident and it is due to the high level of experience and competence as a result of many years in the industry.

Straight Tree Felling

Straight tree felling is probably most associated with tree surgery in its entirety. Trees removed using this approach are carefully cut at a calculated area at the tree’s base. The tree is then allowed to fall under gravity in a single smooth movement to ground level all this while using ropes for controlling the movement. Once the tree reaches ground level, our team is then able to dismantle it efficiently ready for removal from the premises.

Straight tree felling is mainly used in forestry as well as large open areas with no potential to damage property. Considering Folkestones architecture and the tight knit property development there, this is a felling method used far less than section felling.

Since we always love to work safely, we always make sure that we only fell trees using this method only in areas where risk of incidents and accident is non-existent. The technique can however be used to take down smaller, more manageable trees.